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Focus MMA – Edina is a mixed martial arts training center located in Edina, Minnesota. We provide training programs for mixed martial artists, cage fighters, kickboxers, and Jiu Jitsu grapplers. Our Minneapolis MMA programs enhance an athletes abilities to fight standing up, in the clinch, and on the ground.

No previous experience is necessary for any of our Minneapolis MMA programs at Focus MMA in Edina.

New members can choose to train as a mixed martial artist, become a Jiu Jitsu grappler, or burn calories and have fun at our new fitness kickboxing class.

New Fitness kickboxing classes are now available at Focus MMA in Edina

Burn calories, increase your fitness level, and shed weight.
Train in an improved hybrid of boxing, martial arts, self defense, and aerobics. Cardio kickboxing is an intense total-body workout designed for all levels of fitness from beginner to expert. Learn more about fitness kickboxing classes in Edina

Join the Minneapolis MMA community and train as a Mixed Martial Artist at Focus MMA – Edina for competition of fitness

Become a mixed martial artist or train to enhance your existing striking & grappling techniques. Learn more about our MMA Minneapolis mixed martial arts program

Train as a Cage Fighter – Get in the ring

Cross-train to become a multi-dimensional fighter with an arsenal of cage fighting techniques and skills. Learn more about our training & coaching for cage fighters.

Train for Grappling Tournaments or just for fun

Enhance your ground game flow and achieve competitive advantage. Learn more about our Brazilian Jui Jitsu Program.


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focus mma - Minneapolis MMA Regulars and randoms meet for comradery, competition, and combat.

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